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Patient Communications Solutions During the Vaccine Rollout: UC San Diego Health

Patient Communications Solutions During the Vaccine Rollout: UC San Diego Health

In this fireside chat, our own VP of Clinical Services, Joy Avery, will be joined by UC San Diego's Director of Population Health, Eileen Haley, and Assistant Director of Clinical Quality Performance, Victoria Harris.

You'll learn how Eileen, Victoria, and her team at UCSD launched a COVID-19 vaccination outreach program to ensure their patients received equitable access to care.

Eileen Haley, MSN, RN, CNS, CCM
Director, Population Health, UC San Diego Health

Eileen has over 30 years working as an RN in a variety of front line and leadership roles. Over the past 5 years, Eileen's team has worked with data-driven focus on outreach interventions that include the social determinants of health that negatively impact patient outcomes.

Victoria Harris, MPH
Assistant Director, Clinical Quality Performance, UC San Diego Health

Victoria has over 10 years working with vulnerable populations and engaging them in their health. CipherHealth is foundational to her team’s patient outreach efforts helping close care gaps and connecting patients to care.

Joy Avery, MSN, RN
VP of Clinical Services, CipherHealth

Joy brings more than three decades of expertise in clinical practice, healthcare operations, capacity management, and operationalizing enterprise command centers in dozens of healthcare systems across the U.S. and the UK. Joy is passionate about improving patient outcomes and access across the care continuum.

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