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Purposeful Rounding in the Time of COVID-19

Purposeful Rounding in the Time of COVID-19

During this rapidly evolving crisis, leading health systems have adapted their rounding strategies to impact more than the patient experience – expanding the scope of this essential workflow to include improving quality and safety outcomes, promoting staff wellness, connecting patients and family members, and preparing for surge capacity.

Rounding is more important than ever before. At a time when open and effective dialogue is most needed, care teams that round purposefully on their patients – and each other – reduce communication failures, bridge gaps in care, and improve collaboration.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify opportunity areas to foster human connection with virtual rounding workflows – bringing patients, families, and care teams together while adhering to visitation policies

  • Explore best practices to make staff rounds purposeful, build a culture of psychological safety, and protect retention

  • Learn how to implement discharge rounding workflows to ensure that every patient has the best possible chance for recovery


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