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Scaling Patient Follow Up with a Centralized Process

Patient follow up is a key strategy for hospitals looking to reduce readmissions and increase patient satisfaction. In this whitepaper, Scaling Patient Follow Up by Creating a Centralized Model of Success for Providers, learn how your organization can create efficient processes for patient outreach to.

Key Takeaways

  • 20 %

    Decrease in Readmission Likelihood

    When addressing patient concerns post-discharge, following up within 24 hours reduces the likelihood of a readmission by 20%.

  • 3.4 X

    Readmission Reduction

    Patients triaged with CipherHealth's automated outreach platform are 3.4 times less likely to be readmitted.

  • 2 M

    Cost Savings

    Resource optimization helped Intermountain Healthcare reducing readmissions and saved more than $2 million.

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