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Reducing Voluntary Staff Turnover with Purposeful Staff Rounding

Reducing Voluntary Staff Turnover with Purposeful Staff Rounding

Retaining top talent is a key goal for hospitals and health systems looking to provide the highest quality care. High levels of staff turnover can be expensive, lead to increased burnout, and may negatively impact care outcomes and experiences.

A 773-Bed Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, LA implemented a staff rounding program powered by CipherHealth’s digital rounding application, CipherRounds. They found that the higher percentage of staff members rounded on, the less voluntary terminations occurred. Especially in these times when hospitals are in crisis mode dealing with COVID-19 and nurses are suffering from PTSD, ensuring staff well-being and resiliency has never been more important.

Key Takeaways

  • See how the hospital used Staff Rounding to open discussions around job highlights, safety issues, process improvement, staff recognition, career development, and more

  • Learn how a consistent staff rounding program can lead to lower staff turnover and be used to increase leader accountability and visibility

  • Discover how to use real-time alerts to trigger an immediate response to an urgent need identified during a staff round


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