Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

A note from our Chief Executive Officer Jake Pyles:

These are truly unprecedented times. The year started off with a global pandemic that has uprooted our entire planet and will shape our future for generations to come. And then, a series of shameful, violent, and ultimately deadly attacks have happened that show racial inequalities in our country are still as rife as they were when Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo, and many others were killed as a result of oppressive systems and policies.

When we see the senseless killing of black people like we did with George Floyd, or Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade, we must stand up, condemn these actions and take steps toward change - real change in our society.

What has impressed me the most about CipherHealth in the past few months is how we have all come together and cared for one another through the pandemic. And while we are not perfect, and need to continue to learn and grow, please know that we are committed to working toward creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and able to be at their best while they are working here.

We have listened and learned this week - to all of you, to the country and world at large as it responds and attempts to figure out what and how to make real change.

Here at CipherHealth, we are committed to focusing on these four areas as we move intentionally down this path:

  • Education & Dialogue

    Everyone has a responsibility to be informed and educate themselves on the historical inequalities that have brought us to this stage and how they impact the everyday lives of people - especially those on our team. We are encouraging the sharing of resources amongst our team, to read and watch, and we will also create safe forums for discussion - led by both employees and external experts who can help us move together to learn more about really engaging in working together more effectively.

  • Mission Realization

    We are a mission-driven company. We will work collectively to turn our mission into real action. We will start conversations with customers and seek out potential partnerships with others in our community to drive real change in delivering solutions and programming that enable more education and access to Healthcare in this country.

  • Community & Employee Support

    We will make contributions of our time, money and care for the betterment of our communities. This will mean community outreach, volunteerism, financial contributions, and fundraising. This will mean focusing on promoting self-care and providing opportunities for our employees to engage and discuss their experiences.

  • Talent Development & Acquisition

    We will prepare our team to develop their careers -- whether at CipherHealth or beyond. We will provide both training and mentorship opportunities. We commit to working harder and smarter to design more inclusive sourcing practices and partnerships as we add talent to the team.

This is not a movement or a moment at CipherHealth. This is an opportunity for us to do business differently, to challenge ourselves to do more and be better humans. Please keep an eye on our website for updates and more information.

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