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Reducing Harm Rates with Purposeful Rounding

Reducing Harm Rates with Purposeful Rounding

Purposeful rounding is a best practice intervention to increase the quality and experience of patient care. This leading Virginia-based academic medical center ensures patient safety and decreases the occurrence of preventable events such as CAUTI, CLABSI, and PE/DVT Harm rates by using CipherHealth's digital rounding technology to encourage proactive rounds and patient auditing to identify and close the loop on patient issues.

Key Takeaways

  • See how the medical center adopted purposeful rounding practices to significantly reduce harm rates across CAUTI, CLABSI, and PE/DVT events.

  • Learn how this organization integrated safety bundles into nurse leaders' workflows to drive performance improvement.

  • Explore how this health system re-enforces its commitment to patient safety by auditing for potential harm during nurse leader rounds.


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