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Improve Care Delivery with Recorded Discharge Instructions

Improve Care Delivery with Recorded Discharge Instructions

At the time of discharge, patients are often overwhelmed and do not always fully comprehend important care information such as discharge instructions or medication information. Download this whitepaper to hear how a Colorado-based health system leveraged personalized care recordings to improve patient adherence and subsequently saw increases in key HCAHPS domains.

Key Takeaways

  • 37 37 %

    37% Increase

    Recorded discharge instructions led to a 37% increase in patient comprehsntion of discharge instructions.

  • 60 60 %

    60% Increase

    With recorded care instructions, patients expereinced a 60% increase in medication comprehension.

  • 7 7 %

    7% Increase

    Adding recorded care instructions to care transition processes increased the overall hospital rating HCAHPS domain 7%.


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