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Infection Prevention with Digital Rounding Technology

Infection Prevention with Digital Rounding Technology

In this case study, discover how St. Joseph's Medical Center leveraged CipherRounds, to increase compliance with infection prevention bundles. By streamlining the data collection and sharing process, CipherHealth's digital rounding software empowered healthcare providers to improve staff members' compliance with best practice protocols and reducing incidence of infection.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how healthcare organizations can leverage digital rounding technology to adhere to preventive practice bundles for CLABSI and CAUTI infections.

  • See how digital rounding software can empower healthcare providers to streamline data collection for quality improvement initiatives.

  • Learn how CipherRounds can support evidence-based care with immediate staff feedback, optimized workflows, and real-time reporting - empowering staff to deliver the highest quality of patient care.


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