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Optimize Your Telehealth Program with CipherHealth

Seamless End-to-End Communication to Augment Your Virtual Care Delivery

Telehealth Alone Is Not Enough

Telehealth and telemedicine have had an explosive year. Facing the pandemic, providers quickly implemented socially distanced means of caring for their patients, and the general public — already accustomed to digital experiences in many other areas of their lives — has been eager to adopt this new technology. In fact, patients now demand seamless experiences before, during, and after both virtual and in-person visits, yet most telehealth platforms don’t sufficiently address communication and care gaps. To truly reap the benefits of delivering digital care, you need a frictionless engagement system.

With CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform, delight your patients, drive operational efficiency, increase access to care, protect revenue by reducing no-shows and increase patient loyalty — all from a flexible communication architecture that is customized to meet your patient population’s and organization’s unique needs. We offer the only comprehensive platform for patient engagement across the entire care continuum, regardless of the modality of care delivery, virtual or in-person.

Maximize Your Telehealth Revenue by Boosting Practice Volumes

Never has there been a more critical time for revenue cycle leaders to identify ways to increase cash flow. Quickly deploy messaging to your full population to explain the telehealth options you are offering and how to access them. Coupled with automated reminders that include relevant information, CipherHealth enables both the increase in appointment volume and decrease in no-shows, potentially leading to millions in patient revenue.

Create a Frictionless Patient Experience

Cultivate continuous relationships by communicating with patients prior, during, and after an appointment or treatment. By empowering them with the right information at the right time across their telehealth experience, your team can steer patients to the right level of care and convert even first-time users into loyal customers.

Ensure Continuity of Care Beyond the Virtual Visit

Despite its much-discussed potential, telehealth is not a digital health panacea: it cannot fill all the gaps in access and support that lead to poor outcomes and low patient satisfaction. Maintain close communication with your patients and send them customized messages, ensuring that the care you deliver virtually is just as comprehensive as it is in an in-person visit.

CipherHealth is an award-winning and proven technology solutions partner committed to enhancing communication and care throughout the patient journey. Since 2009, CipherHealth has helped shape the patient engagement category, delivering groundbreaking products to help care providers effectively and efficiently provide quality care for their patients. CipherHealth’s suite of patient engagement software sets new standards for care and empowers healthcare organizations to foster meaningful connections to ensure the best possible outcomes for staff members, patients, and their loved ones.
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